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AnJ's Steel Blue Belle TT (Bella)

Belle was whelped on November 26, 2009. She was the foundation of Ocean Blue Danes and was a complete sweetheart.

Belle loved everyone, especially babies and kids (human or critter).

11/26/2009 - 10/19/2019

Belle died peacefully in her sleep a month shy of her 10th birthday. Necropsy showed a rare

liver carcinoma (cholangioblastic hepatoblastoma) had ruptured, causing massive internal bleeding.

6 years

6 years

5 years

5 years

3 years

See Belle's Pedigree.

Belle's Health Certificates and Information:

Coat Color Test - ay/ay, B/B, Em/E, N/N, K/K

(Does NOT carry tan point, brown, harl, or fawn/brindle, and has 1 copy of the masking gene)

DNA Profile #V627260

CHIC # 84497

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